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.Assessment Services
  • An initial assessment focuses on the client's physical, mental, emotional, and social needs and serves as the basis for developing a personalized plan of care.

  • Consultation with the client's personal physician provides information on the elderly person's medical condition and use of prescription medications.

  • Assessment of his or her physical capabilities, including mobility and ability to function independently in the home and community, are evaluated.

  • The elderly person's mental and emotional status are assessed with close attention to the client's orientation and memory, especially whether or not the elderly person is able to make appropriate decisions and care for him or herself on a day-to-day basis.

  • Whether or not the elderly person is able to manage his or her finances, as well as the kind of financial assistance needed, is also an important focus of the initial assessment.

  • The elderly adult's interests and network of social support are also assessed. The presence of supportive family and friends often significantly contributes to enhancing the client's overall level of functioning and quality of life.

  • The ultimate goal of an initial assessment is to identify the elderly adult's unique needs and capabilities in order to enhance the client's overall level of functioning, maximize independence, and provide the least restrictive living situation feasible.

Personal Support Services
  • If the elderly person is able to continue to live at home, a variety of in-home services such as domestic assistance, companions, or home health aides can be arranged to maximize independence while providing necessary care.

  • Possible additional services might include arranging for and monitoring meal delivery, home repairs, transportation, doctor's visits, and involvement in various social activities.

  • If residential placement is necessary, the care manager can suggest appropriate alternatives such as assisted living facilities or skilled nursing facilities that best satisfy the unique needs of the elderly adult.

  • In addition to coordinating the move to provide for a smooth transition, the care manager can also work with the elderly person, family members, and staff of the facility to help diminish the stress of the transition for both the elderly adult and family members.

  • Monitoring quality of care

  • Assist with communication between doctors

  • Assist in planning for next level of care.

  • Objective independent patient advocate. Assist with advocacy within the Assisted Living Facility.

  • Familiar person who is a liaison to the family through all levels of care (including hospital, nursing home, assisted living, and home).

  • Available to attend doctorís appointments and serve as liaison to assist family with direct communication with doctors and other service providers.

  • If the quality of care in the assisted living facility changes, available to serve as advocate.

Financial Support Services

  • If the older person is able to pay his or her bills, the care manager may simply review or oversee the bill paying, thereby supporting the elderly adult's independence.

  • When additional expertise is needed we provide referrals to elder law attorneys, financial planners, and/or estate planners.

Follow Up
  • Once the care plan has been implemented, the care manager can continue to provide support to the family and older person through regular visits and telephone calls.

  • Ongoing monitoring is often important to ensure that the elderly adult is receiving excellent care as well as to provide support and reassurance to the older person and to continually assess whether the care plan is adequately meeting the elderly adult's needs.

  • The care manager works closely with family members, in-home service providers, and assisted living or skilled nursing home staff to ensure the best possible care for the elderly adult.
  • Occasionally, an elderly person may have difficulty making rational decisions due to confusion, disorientation, and/or memory difficulties.

  • If health, safety, and/or financial well-being are at risk, guardianship may be the only alternative.

  • A family member can serve as guardian and engage the care manager to provide consultation and perform various monitoring and support services, thus alleviating many of the day-to-day responsibilities of guardianship.

  • In some situations, when a professional guardian is the only alternative, Dr. Proeger may serve as guardian.

  • The fee for geriatric care management services is straightforward. All geriatric care management services are billed at an hourly rate.

  • Billing is done on a monthly basis, unless other arrangements are made.

  • In consultation with the geriatric care manager, the family and elderly person choose the type and frequency of services to be provided.

  • The cost of geriatric care management services is agreed upon in advance and depends on the level of intervention requested.

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